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battery powered hot glue gun Answered

I wanna pull out the parts of a cheap little hot glue gun and instead of using the wall plug put it on battery power any ideas how to do that? I am a spiderman entertainer i need something, that will shoot something similar to web or glue to look like apiserman. i dont want to swing from walls or anything.


You are talking about a halloween prop web maker, but is it going to work for what you want to see? Is it going to make the volume of webbing needed to be seen by the audience? You are going to need a pool of liquid hot glue and a stream of compressed air-you aren't going to get much range. See how far you can feel the breeze from your compressed air source-or better, see how far a sewing thread can be floated by it. You might want to try a 'nerf' pellet with a trailing streamer of threads wound onto the 'bullet' like a bow and arrow fishing string is set up. If you use a spool of thread on the body of the gun, it would be easier to limit the length of the webbing, but the friction shortens the distance you can get. Have you looked into over-powering some silly string? It's visible and quick drying, but the range is limited. Maybe there is a way to add some extra air to boost it's distance.

my gluegun sits on a little plug in dock that plugs in to the wall but once it heats up you can take the gun off the plug and it is then cordless. (if any of that made sense) it's sweet and i love it:) you can get them at any craft store

I know you want to make your own. But coldheat makes a glue gun with a rechargeable, power drill type battery. It is like...29 dollars in Canada, it ought to be cheaper in the states... But it obviously sucks...common, cold heat?


11 years ago

You would need to rewind heating element to match the lower-voltage, higher current supply typical of batteries. My low-temp mini glue gun says it's 10W. To get that from a 5V battery (4x NiMH?) you need a 2.5 ohm heater, and you're going to need to use 2A of current (so a set of high-end rechargable AA cells would last about an hour; that's not too bad.) unfortunately, the whole thing looks awfully ... solid (see image.) (while my glue gun SAYS "10W", it MEASURES about 18Kohms, which puts it closer to 1W unless there are fancier electronics than could possibly fit in there. So some experimentation would be needed. (ooh! PWM variable power supply adjustable temperature glue gun! With feedback. And, and... A microprocessor with PID algorithms, and....) (This is semi-serious; it might be easier to regulate power electronically than produce a heating element of exactly the right electrical AND mechanical characteristics.)) (I wonder if I can get my gluegun back together :-()