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battlefield 1942 multiplayer?? help please!!!? Answered

i have version 1.31 of battlefield 1942 and the expansion pack, the road to rome which includes 6 extra levels. This is what i do to TRY to play multiplayer. i click on run server and it brings me to picture one. i then choose my connection (pic 2) when i click start server, it brings me to picture 3 and 4 (same screen). this is a dead end, and i dont know what the purpose of running a server is. somebody please tell me!! ok so now i exit that crap and then go to the multiplayer setup screen on the game menu (pic 5). up top it says, refresh, update (when i press update it gives me pictures 6 and 7), apply filter, clear server and add server. whats a filter and a server, and do i need to apply or add both? ok so now this is the part that pisses me off when i click on a server to play (pic 7) and no matter what freaking line or server i chose it brings me to friggen picture 8. it dosnt tell me what upgrade to get, when i click yes it brings me to the ea games website. thats it, no links, no nothin to any upgrades.when i go to http://www.ea.com/games/battlefield-1943 i still get nothing, can somebody help me please find a link to upgrade my game!! or tell me what im doing wrong D:


This claims to be a list of active BF42 servers:
Be aware that you can only multiplayer with other people that have the same game and are connected to the same server.


do you think this is a good site to get patches/mods? http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/mods/battlefield1942/mod.html

I couldn't say one way or t'other (don't play it)


Servers: Online games that you can join and play with others.

Filters: These help you narrow down the options for servers to join.

Problem 1: The one in picture 3 , thats for your own server. You don't need to do that.

Problem 2: That website, in the link, is for battlefield 1943, as can be seen by the link. This is a different game. I don't think EA even supports battlefield 1942 anymore.

If you can never get it to update, I'd recommend buying battlefield 1943, it can't be over $20 max. Battlefield 1942 is very old as far as games go. Its about 5 sequels behind if you count the Bad Company games.

If you still have any problems, I'd recommend googling something along the lines of "Battlefield 1942 fails to update" or "Problems updating battlefield 1942"

yeah ea dosnt support battlefield 1942...i youtubed 1943 last night and it looks pretty sweet...but this game is still pretty cool and i want to play multiplayer.