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bayliner transom mod's ..how to build solid transom for my bayliner? Answered

in need of some advice in heightening the transom to a solid surrounding,on the stern of my bayliner motorlaunch...angles..materials..step by step fitting to boat..construction..finishing..and things to consider..basically from start to finish..thanks for help.


Polyurethane foam is not structural and you'll have to fiberglass over that.  Once fiberglassed it will be strong enough for the most part but not strong enough to hang a motor of anchor off.

ok thanx for input,have made a plywood outer mold and in 2 minds whether 2 epoxy over it or to use a pour in polyurethane foam inside,then i can scalpture it to perfect shape then epoxy over that?then join to boat itself.


8 years ago

replacing or modifying a transom is a fairly straight forward project but its not easy to describe step by step with all the angles needed and etc.Each vessel has its own dimensions. A picture of your intended project would help. Its not real difficult if you have any woodworking skills but it can be time consuming and making a good meticulas fit is a must. Basically your going to need 1 to 1.5" thickness of marine grade plywood or sign makers mdf (you can build it up using 2 pieces and a good water resistent epoxy. Scribe your transom shape and cut it out. Attach it with epoxy and or fiberglass, metal angle brackets can also be used to add extra strenght