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bb gun powerful Answered

Hi I bought A cheap BB gun and I was wondering if it was possible to make it much more powerful that would be cool could you show me how to do it oh ya its a airsoft pistol



look at my pic, its some of my airsofts, and to make it more powerful just regurally clean it or sell or trade it ebay like i do

But i dont want to i just want to make it more powerful

take the slide off the top unscrew it then remove the massive spring and stretch it then put it back together

i do something like this . i add a few washers in the piston so it elongates the spring compression just doesnt wreck the spring as much!

open it and there should be a spring around or near the barrel. remove this. then find spings that wil fit on the pin and add them.removing the spring near the barrel will make it eaisier to pull back.P.S.look at my pi,the handgun sort of works similarly.

Search some instructables.. If your confident, then pull it apart... There is always some way to make things more powerful.. Just need to think hard enough... Oh and did I mention to go search some instructables? LoL Have fun!

Too complicated and hard to make a bb or airsoft gun stronger, unless its electric just attach more batteries. Just buy a good one 300fps and up and use .2g ammo or Raging Bull rounds. Taurus makes GREAT airsoft pistols-Taurus 24/7 spring is excellent.

The real problem with airsoft bbs is that they have hardly any mass ( I think they are something around 1g).Because of this the faster you make the fps the more erratic the bb will be.

just pull off the bit that you pull back to reload, then you pull out the largest spring and stretch it fully and then replace it and it should be much more powerfull