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bday present for my girl? Answered

My girlfirend's birthday is next month and i have a few ideas on what to give her but not much any ideas lol?


A twix and a rose. You must say her beauty like a rose and candy like twix.


8 months ago

Don't Laugh !!That is just Geek Wrong..

We do not know you or her to be able to suggest a unique gift..

So, every woman appreciates Flowers and if you are daring add a heavy glass vase..

Instead of flowers, I usually gift a live plant. Once it was a fern which was delivered so I had no idea it could be that huge. The thing took up half the room. She still loved it though ;)

I like the idea of a live thing that you can nurture day after day rather than cut flowers which inherently have an expiration date.. But this is getting too introspective.

Well, one easy to screw this up is to just forget the date completely, until the day arrives and she has to remind you that it's her birthday. In that case you'll be in big trouble.

Said another way, I think any small gift; e.g. flowers, will suffice. The important thing is that you remember it's her birthday, and do something to prove you remembered this.

Maybe you could buy her lunch?

Some girls like to buy new shoes,

And others like drivin' trucks and wearing tattoos.

There's only one thing that they all like a bunch...

Oh, girls, they wanna have lunch!

Oh girls just wanna have lunch!