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bearing to shaft Answered

How would I secure a 1/4" id bearing to a 1/4"shaft? The bearing slides on very easily and is a little sloppy.
I bought these from a supply co. thinking a 1/4" id bearing would fit properly on a 1/4"shaft.
Any one have and ideas?


Step1.Take some vise grips (preferably vice grips with unworn grooves in the jaws) and grip the rod 
           where you want the bearing to be.

Step2.Hit the vice grips so that they slide along the shaft , thus slightly gouging the shaft and    
          providing a press fit for the bearing.

Thanks to all. I appreciate the answers
TLM-1507 :: 1/4" X 12" STEEL LINEAR $6.69 13.38 EA In 2 / 0
2 DMB-98 :: .25 X .75 X .2812 524 LB MAX
Above items are the ones in question, from Reid Supply.
I think the epoxy is the way to go.
Thanks again for the comments.

"a 1/4" id bearing to a 1/4"shaft"

Can you somehow translate that for the imperially challenged (i.e. metrically handicapped)?

Yep, that's for the '1/4"' part, "Wolfram Alpha" can figure that out :-)

But what about  the 'xx id bearing to a xx shaft' part?

Sorry. but English (especially the technical part) is still a second language to me.

Raised truly metrically, I'd have thought that any "y..." hole would fit (with a little persuading force) on a "y..." shaft. ... or the other way 'round.

...with a little persuading force....
That made me wince.

You need to look at "tolerancing", the science of making bits fit together...
I don't know what's gone wrong here. Generally SHAFTING is reasonably precise, +/- 50um = +/- 0.002" = +/1 "one thou". GOOD quality shaft is +/-2.5um, +/- 0.0001"

Holes are different matter, and fits depend on the manufacturer. A drilled hole, done badly is as much as 250um bigger (0.01") than its nominal size, a REAMED hole, done well, will be within that 2.5um range. Now you have to arrange a tolerance band to maintain say a worst case gap of 10um, so the hole is specced as 6.35mm+.005 - 0.000, and the shaft specced at +0, -0,005. Now, however the parts are made, to be in spec, they will fit.

The classic method is to cross drill the bush and tap a thread for a screw.

I had thought about the epoxy but wanted to see what others had done.

Thanks for the reply. Plenty of choices.

It depends how permanent, how strong, and how tidy you want the fix.

A drop of superglue?

A blob of epoxy?

A mess of hot glue?

A matrix of Sugru?

A thin metal shim?

A collar of heat-shrink?

A small bolt drilled through to the shaft?