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beat him or let him mercy? Answered

ill start out saying that i can really pack a punch, when i was in 3rd grade these two kids were throwing rocks out me i charged at them planing to tackle him, the other one ran, but he held up fist so i lost control of myself so i just speared him them punched him 2 or 3 times in his solar plexus which he imddelyty was passed out so moved to his face and it took three or 4 techers to just get me off him, took 7 to calm me down, i promised never to do that to anyone ever again unless i was threatend, well these guys got me so angry that they even made other people, friends and other graders ignore me because the other people thinks its true, they did not threaten me fyi, so i dont know what to do they even made a person hit me  but me and him r kinda chill right now/ we keep r distance, but he was talking about my clothes and mocking me saying that i got from dollar general and then i said
" well things all even out because you got your parents from ebay"
then he said all no you did not just go there and he did cause it, but he turned AROUND TO EVEN MAKE SURE A TEACHER WAS NOT LOOKING AND PUNCHED MY RIGHT IN ME ADOMENAL i was getting ready to pounce back but remeberd my promise but didnt

 but ill just get to the main point today coming back from the feild trip i had to use the restroom well the only one was the one on the bus, so i went there, not knowing i was being followed, and when i was their he/she blocked the door so i could get the door open so i was trapped there for (thankly to god) for only 10 minutes because the teacher came looking for me. but i think it was gage, who is APPERNLTY my friend and hes been really rude to me lately and to all my friends just because i dont just talk to him (i try to be nice to many people but they just talk smack about me sometime) so he even admitted and no i will not tell a teacher.



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Violence always ESCALATES.  Words turn into angrier words... pushing... slapping.... punching....  baseball batts.... knives ... guns .... hand grenades ... tanks .... rockets .... nuclearbombs.  

And REVENGE never gets EVEN.  It gets DOUBLE or triple or TEN TIMES back at the other person.   

While you are young you must learn SELF CONTROL .. or you will end up in jail or dead.... or at the very least... after school detention etc.  Here is a really good bit of advice that I heard from someone who grew up in a VERY VIOLENT neighborhood here in St. Louis.  .....

  "A good RUN... is better than a bad STAND." 

  So walk away, or run if you have to.   Just get away from that kind of talk and anger and violence.  As you get older, you will hear stories about those tough-guys who went to jail and got shot etc.  It takes more courage to walk away because they will call you more names.  But it is WISE to walk away, and very foolish to participate in their angry words game. 


There are 2 "realitys" in this world ,  what really is ,  and what you perceive it to be !  I am 6'2" and 250 lbs ,  but because I am truly not interested in violent confrontations and will walk away from anyhing I can possibly avoid I am considered "weak" by some !

If I am faced with the choices of run,  fight or stand and take a beatin'  ,   Some one else has made a VERY bad decision !

No one I have ever had to tangle with has EVER wanted to try again , whether they won ,  lost or called it a draw !  I haven't had to raise my hands against another person in 20 yrs and if  I die before that changes I'll go happy !

This is not th' PC responce ,  but it seemed like nearly every school year some knuckle dragger had to be taught that "not interested" don't mean "unable" or "scared" before they would take th' hint an' leave me th' hell alone !

Bullys prey on th' weak and socially disadvantaged ,  I am not weak ,  but I don't mix well and am happier by myself than in th' company of most people !

I hate trouble and fightin' ,  But some folks just wont take a hint !

Force is never an answer.

If you get into the insult slinging, you're at risk of it escalating. Don't play their game; they aren't worth it, and their opinions don't matter worth a damn. Walk away.

If that doesn't solve it, and you don't have the courage to continue to ignore them, then YES you will tell a teacher. The alternatives are worse.