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beginner USB question... Answered

So I wanted to see if it was possible to create USB driven fans out of an old Sony WM-EX368 tape player. Now this player runs of 2 AA batterys, And I know that usb runs 5V. Now the questions are: Is it even possible? Whats the fastest way to find the right working cable in the walkan?


you should have no problem with the voltages, there's a bit of leeway with motors, you'll probably just see higher speed (a bit). try usb Red wire to motor Red wire and usb Black wire to motor Black (or is it blue) wire, and plug it in... through a cheap hub, just in case.

Yes, so i tried red-red, black-black; It jumped a little and i got a power surge message on my comp. (maybe because i didnt solder?) I've established that it can work, now would it work completely if I solder it? Please answer ASAP :D THX in advanced

. Not sure, but that sounds to me like the tape player is pulling too much current for the USB port (500mA max). I agree completely with gschoppe: for the sake of your computer, get a powered USB hub for this experiment. If you burn something up a hub is a lot cheaper than a mobo. . Not sure where the wires are supposed to hook up. Maybe you can find something on Sony's web site. . If you got a good twist to your wires, soldering probably won't do much good, but it's easy to do, so go for it.

maybe the fan requires too much current? Side question of my own about usb. Whenever I tested voltages it seems that data plus and data minus can also act like a ground, is this true?