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being a teenager Answered

what is it like being a teenager?



10 years ago

Yikes.... so many things that I am at a loss to words for how to explain.

Be prepared to spend at least five years, maybe ten, constantly thinking about yourself a few years ago and thinking "what was I thinking? I was so stupid/uncool/childish/lame then... but I've got it all figured out now". I started thinking like that at about 13 and now (9 years later) am starting to not think like that quite so much. It probably means that you are learning from your experiences and maturing, but it's no fun being frustrated with yourself for a decade.

On a similar note, be prepared to hear a lot of advice that sounds like utter rubbish, disregard it and then later think "I wish I'd listened to that when I was younger". (God, this makes me sound like an old git...)

Learn to think. While your childhood years are spent learning to walk, ride a bike, write, construct complex sentences etc. your teenage years are spent developing your personality and your higher mental abilities. Every teenager rebels in some way, every teenager will have their own set of problems but if you can come out of them as a mature and responsible human being then you can call those years a success. While you may want to stomp around and listen to angry music, try to appreciate the niceties of boring "adult" interaction, because at some point or other you will be forced into it, and it's better to go willingly.

"Education is about making the inside of your own head a pleasant place to spend the rest of your life", and you will have a much better time as an adult if you learn to be independent and think for yourself. Try to teach your brain ways of having fun without relying on "chemical inconvenience".

Yes, I know, you'll become taller and a different shape and have hair in funny places and all that but every kid knows those things- it's the change in shape of your brain that took me off guard, and you don't get a little educational leaflet about "So you're developing an adult personality?" in health classes.

Getting taller and hairy? Trauma, complete trauma, one day it wasn't there and the next it was, I assumed they did this slowly as a child not fast.

I wish I'd listened to that when I was younger you really will be hard pressed to find any teenager who will not end up saying that, even the lowliest little nerd is arrogant in a way thats just not possible at any other time, I know, I still spend most of the day with my head up my arse thinking about being great...

I came to the realisation I was turning adult when I called a bunch of kids at the back of the bus playing music "bloody yobbos". I'm only 16 :-P

Joking gava, however most teenagers do something on that list....

Errr which bit, granted my views will be a bit skewed from the norm... You're going to get alot of complaining here... Anyway what do you want to know about and why? The whole 'growing up thing' The mis-adventures of romance etc. The self loathing The self involvement The self centrement The god complex The Am I ____ complex Ok I think that could be used on alot of them...

The stupid things you do The stupid things you do when drunk The finding of an identity There'e even more..

The following song: My Generation, was done originally by The Who in or around 1967

The biggest thing I see as a difference between the two was in the original they said a few words "differently"

Refain: "Don't try to dig what we all sss-sss-sss-say"
and "why don't you just fff-fff-fff-fade away! " :-)

Kind of illustrates that teenagers know so much until they mature a bit and find out as they age and learn more, they seem to know much less.... :-)

I find it sort of boring at the moment...

There are always the things that make it fun though. Like crazy things you do when you're on vacation, driving (not too much longer until I can take driver's ed! (Ok a few months...)), there's also getting more freedom (which I seem to only get when I'm not at home...).

One could argue that "List of things I hate" is also pointless. This is a useful thread, a genuine question was asked and a genuine response has been given.

Basically, what everyone is telling you. It's different for everyone. And not to be picky but I was under the impression you had to be a teenager to be on here anyways...


10 years ago


The teen years are a funny thing. I f I had known then what I know now, I wouldn't have done all those stupid things! If I hadn't done all those stupid things, I wouldn't know what I know now. There's so much I could have done, important world-changing things I could have accomplished, but I spent ten years high on hormones!

> what is it like being a teenager?

It's like being in perpetual evolution.
It's like being torn between childhood and adulthood.
It's a kind of pupa stage, between larva and imago.

It can be really cool, or really complicated ... and sometimes both at the same time.

Check my comment on the bottom, I listed all the favourite issues in complex form... I like the phrase perpetual evolution, even from the inside looking out I know we're all really reactionary to events and happenings... Granted we don't always evolve when we should or we just grow horns and call it a day...

I would agree with Kiteman, especially in today's world (which I believe, KJ expanded on even though he posted first). The "physical" and emotional adjustments can be hard, depending on how fast they come at you....take it in stride and focus on the important things, not just was SEEMS important.

I do keep meaning to write something about the big things and the little things, in the teenage spectrum, some little things are big things in effect etc, I've just been wanting to try laying it out for a while, having spoken to many and also had some very very deep conversations along the way, granted I've started it about ten times then scrapped it again...


A long time ago :-(