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best ecological pooper scooper? Answered

I pick up my dog's poop with plastic bags, but not biodegradable ones. I have tried using newspaper and then burying it with the poop. I could buy biodegradable bags, but I would rather use something than buy something new that has been manufactured.



Best Answer 8 years ago

My brother found one in the Czech Republic. It's a piece of light cardboard, about 4 x 6 inches, with lines on it, and comes with a small paper back. The cardboard folds to make a scooper. (Fold a Christmas tree shape, leaving the bottom half with a margin to fold up for sides.. Fold down the top corners and then pinch them together to make a handle. ) You can bury the bag and waste and it will decompose. I use small paper bags prescription drugs come in. For the cardboard you can use old file folders. I got six out of one folder.

Sorry, I meant bag instead of "back" in the answer.