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best fertilizer for roses? Answered

What is the best fertilizer bloomer for roses.



I put a couple of handfuls of semi-composted sheep manure (that I dug out from under a sheep shearing shed) around them twice a year. I get about 40 blooms at a time during the summer.
The manure that is well rotted soaks right in as you water it, and the stuff that is still in pellet form rots down slowly and feeds the plant all year.
I feed them after I prune them for winter and then again in spring. I also do this wih my orange tree and get about 250 oranges at once.
I know nothing about gardening but it works for me.


8 years ago

i've heard roses really like spent coffee grounds cause of the acid

For blooming, you'll want a good, organic 4-6-4 or 1-2-1 ratio fertilizer, and you'll need to follow the directions for application.  You want a higher phosphorus number (the middle one) than nitrogen (first one) or potassium (last one), but you don't want pure phosphorus.  Phosphorus helps largely with flowering (and rooting), but you need all the rest, too.  Of course, you can throw some composted turkey/chicken manure on and just forget about it.  Organic fertilizers are typically slow release, so they won't burn roots.  It's also a bit harder to overfertilize with the organic stuff although it is still possible.  If you get a fertilizer with compost, it'll also contain a lot of the macro- and micro-nutrients you'll need.  They also won't salt the ground like Miracle Gro will eventually do.  Here's some info on plant nutrients in general.

Of course, you need to keep on top of pruning and deadheading to encourage branching and more blooms.  I have a miniature rose that's been blooming nonstop for the past year, and it's largely because I deadhead frequently.  I honestly can't think of any other reason since I've treated it rather poorly in all other respects.  It also doesn't hurt that I live in Texas, and the plant still has all its leaves along with the rest of my roses.

Rose fertilizer out'a the sack or well aged barn yard manure.