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best free software that can edit videos that can be uploaded to youtube? Answered

does anyone have suggestions on a good free video editing software that can edit videos that can be uploaded to youtube?



I used to do media production for a living, but for my home use I tried to find a decent editor that was free. The best one was movie maker. (Not live movie maker... movie maker.) If it isn't already on your computer, look on download.com. If you want some more interesting effects, look into Cyberlink PowerDirector. It's pretty straight forward, and has some fun stuff.

Have fun!

ty, is Gimp also a good substitue? strangely i cant use my movie maker when i launch it, it says 'general access denied'

No... Gimp is a photo editing suite. My guess is that you are using a computer that you don't have admin access on. If you do, try reinstalling movie maker. You can search for it on Download.com.

same problem....i downloaded wmm 2.6, still says 'general access denied'

weird... I've never seen that... and I've seen a lot. Sorry I couldn't help.

There is some information for you on wikipedia. Also, older versions of Windows come with Windows Movie Maker already installed. It really depends on what OS you are using and what you're trying to accomplish.