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best knex guns no lie Answered

this forum has the best guns and please say if you think one does not belong in this forum

                                                                           P.S. sorry the pic has nothing to do with the forum


Anything I make.  Well my last 4 guns anyways.

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Alright well I guess I'll actually contribute to the thread now.
The BRs are probably the most efficient war weapons. They're rather piece efficient, get good range, are mostly reliable, and are somewhat easy to reload compared to most repeaters without removable magazines or clips. This is most likely going to be replaced by rail turret weapons. I, for one, don't find range beyond that point as that big an advantage but most people will say otherwise.
For single shots, you can pretty much use any gun and it would be "the best" as there is no single right way to make a single shot as long as you have a bullet lock at the end of the firing pin's path. If you want to bend the standards, I'd still say that turret guns would be best because you can load it with just one round but still have the option to load more.
For small weapons, oodammo pistols prove best. There is no definite answer as to which one is the best as most people are biased and few built all of them and tested them. I'm improving mine though so I'm hoping it will be considered the best afterwords.

ooooooh! Crocogator! lol