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LED lit knex target Answered

besides the name this has nothing to do with music. most people on instructables has well found out that there are two main groups of people on insructables( but there are a lot of people that like other things!). knex lovers and LED lovers(or electronic lovers). well i am a big fan of both and i found a way to combine them into one insructable. its a knex terget that light up using LEDs when you shoot it! i will post pics of it but i am having a hard time geting a good pic of it( you can only see the LEDS in a pic when it is dark and you can only see the knex when it is light.


Hmm, although I "like" LED's, I am not so sure I am in love with them yet. I like a good NAND gate circuit as much as the next person :-) and let's not forget fm cirucuits and PWM circuits either :-)

did you forget transmitting by AM ?

I rarely transmit by AM, but I have made a lot of AM receivers (a coil of wire and some capacitance, on purpose or not, will do that though, the first digital voice recorder I ever built would get the local radio station when I would record on it LOL)

Uh...I probably wouldn't say that Knex and LED lovers make up the majority of our population...but I'm glad you were able to combine what you like =]

mostely i ment that they get in to most of the fights on instructables(if you could call them fights(may be a battle of wits)). and i knew i would get a lot of people saying that , but you have to admit they make up a lot of the population. :)