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best way to connect 3 55 gallon barrel together under ground.But can use the submercible pump 1 barrels & equal out ? Answered

I need help on how to connect three 55 gallon barrels under ground that will allow them to equal out all at once and allow me to keep my 12v submercible pump in only one tank.And then itll all flow to that one tank as its draining.


The drum farthest from the pump needs to be the highest, next drum is 1" lower then thepump drum is 1" lower.  In drum 1 drill a hole as low in the side as possible and fit a 1" pipe in it.  Drill a matching hole in the middle drum but 1" up the side and fit the pipe in it.  Now you have the first two connected.  Do the same for the middle and the end (pump) drum.  When you set the drums in the ground if you tilt them slightly toward the drain you will be able to extract the most liquid from each drum.

Now when you pump from the last drum all of the liquid will end up in the last drum and be available to your pump.

What'cha pumpin?

Yep.  Exactly.  doing it this way you should be able to get most of the water out of the barrels.


8 years ago

Set them on a level surface, such as bricks or concrete paving stones and connect them with a pipe between each,  near the bottom.

How are you planning to refill the drums? If you use Burf's system they will empty evenly regardless of which drum you install the pump in, and they will also refill evenly regardless of which drum you choose to fill from.
Also if you fill the first drum and pump from the third drum, there would be no chance of stagnation. However if you don't want to join the drums at the bottom and risk leaking, steve's idea is great.
I agree that a syphon system would be unreliable and also no good for refilling easily.

If you're only taking out water from the system slowly, linking the three with a syphon arrangement may do the trick.  You would need each barrel connected to the two others by a water-filled pipe into the top.  Disadvantage is that if one of the barrels empties the pipe will lose it's priming and the system will fail.    
Steve's is the best reliable solution, but don't forget if you only take and fill from one barrel the others will go stale and have a greater risk of going stagnant.

Connect them together with pipes feeding the same pump. Keep the pipes identical types, lengths and bends, and the flow should be pretty even. I did that with some water storage tanks a few years back, and the flow from the tanks was pretty even, though we weren't moving 100 gallons/ sec.


.  Lay them on their sides so that the large bungs (inlet/outlet) are on bottom and the small bungs (vent) are on top. You'll have to use a different pump.
.  I can't think of an arrangement that would allow you to do what you want with what you have.