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best way to remove warts? Answered

My sister in law used paint thiner ( a drop) over top of the wart 2-3 x a day......for about 1 week......worked really well!!!   nail polish also works great!!!!
She  said that you can use nail polish  over top of the wart......this prevent the wart from breathing and sufficates it causing it to dry up and fall off......Duck tape doesn't work and is a pain   my husband did this method and it was a total waste of time.


I've heard only positive results with duct tape; depends on the brand I guess...

I concur.


Google it for details.
Mythbusters even I think?

Your best bet is a propriety product for wart removal usually based on acetylsalicylic acid this has to be applied every day but works over several weeks.

Follow instructions carefully.

Nail varnish and Duct tape I have heard of but not tried - I would keep strong solvents off my skin for fear they caused other worse problems. Many are carcinogenic.


6 years ago

Warts are a virus they can be chemically and electrically removed.

Some horses can get recurring warts around their mouth in different spots.
A horse trainer I knew and observed would scratch the the horse warts
with his fingernail and in two days the skin would be clear, he could only
tell me that he learned the method from an old trainer now passed.