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betacup contest - slideshows / video entry Answered

Per the contest rules it says "The rules are simple: submit a new Instructable that reuses a paper coffee cup in some way". This is clear enough for me, however just to make sure are slide shows and videos exempt?


I think that a full I'ble is required, but that probably won't stop you from entering a sldeshow / video.


I'm asking because I feel the project I wish to share is too simple to publish as a full instructable, an example of another project that would benefit from using the slideshow format in this contest would be the lens hood project.

At first,I made a slideshow, but wasn't able to submit it to the contest (there simply wasn't an option on the screen). Then I turned it into a very lean Instructable.

Bertus52x11 (author of the Lens Hood Project).

Thanks for sharing, bertus52x11
Based on your experience I don't think slide shows are eligible to be entered into this contest. It seems the choices are to make a lean instructable with more pictures than words, or submit a coffee cup slide show not affiliated with the contest it was made for into the general projects.

A thought just occurred to me: maybe this was the contest intent all along, to push our creativity and see what we come up with?

We'll see if staff answer and provide any guidance.

You might get an answer more quickly by posting your question directly to Fungus Amungus's announcement of the contest, or sending him a PM.