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bicycle + motor Answered

i want ot make a moped, but theres NO WAY im buying those expensive mofo, kits for $200 when i could just as easily build one, i figure all it needs is a motor of 50cc or less(state law says)i figure, a weed wacker is usually ranged from 20CC to 50cc ill try that but so far the most i have found is 32cc, i also figure it will require a chain and a drive train which i can fabricate from another bike. i hear chainsaws are very powerful like 40CC + range which sounds good but im just not sure about de-constructing one of those, if anybody has had any experience with motor bicycle please help



11 years ago

Why not get a moped off e.g. Ebay? We've picked up a a Honda Caren, Melody and C90, ranging from $100-$160 each. However, you could pick up an engine cheaper than that (complete with V-Matic transmission and a wheel if you're lucky...) A chainsaw has no gearbox, and the clutch tends to engage at low torque (hence chain locks will stall them quite easily) L