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big bug zapper? Answered

110volt power to transformer to mesh wire... anything else to make big bug sapper. Oh, I know not to touch anything.



Best Answer 8 years ago

But what about you neighbors kid? Or you neighbor after one too many says "Hey watch this. Don't worry I do it on mine all the time". I don't know what all a bugzapper's got inside them. I think there is two layers of mesh slightly separated and as the bug gets between them it gets zapped. Do some more research first.

Most bugzappers also contain a UV light, to try to attract bugs into contact with the grid. I suspect that works better on moths than on mosquitos or anything else you actually want to kill, but that's the usual design.

I'm not convinced that "big" will work any better than normal sized. And as R-d noted, the legal liability may be severe. Look up the definition of "attractive nuisance", look up the law on booby traps, then think about  how you're going to defend yourself when the lawyers come after you. With a normal bugzapper, the liability (unless you do something stupid) is mostly the manufacturer's problem.

I wasn't thinking big as in size. I was thinking big as in power.

A light to attract the bugs. And perhaps an insulating outer casing you can hold or mount it with, which also acts as protection from lawyers. ;-)