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big guns Answered

what do you think of big guns? how big does a knex gun have to be before it is too big? these are the questions that haunt me... -not really.


post the gun at the top mepain

You can never get too big. If it does get too big, it probably will not shoot far.

naww... catapults are huge and they still work :)

what do you think of making a knex cannon that shoots the little balls from things like pinball or the ball drop towers?

Funny how you mentioned a cannon that shoots somthing running on tracks that shoots over 100 feet... =P I'm posting it today.

i saw it, and i think that it was awesome!!

post ur cannon pweeeeeeesss

That's a good idea. However, it would only be cool if it could shoot over 100 feet. Yes, it would need rails of some sort.