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binding post Answered

I need some binding post/banana posts (preferably something that an aligator clip can easily attach to). Does anyone know a cheap place? The cheapest were about 30 cents apiece, but shipping was like 5 dollars, if this is the cheapest then I'll buy it, just that I don't want to.


a small bolt, and if the hole is big enough and the bolt small enough, use a plastic straw or pen barrel to insulate it from its surroundings, maybe?

. If you're using alligators, a small bolt will work. For bare wire, add nuts and washers.

that might work, but it'd be a pain in the but cause it's an all metal case (i'm making my own power supply from a computer power supply). Plus I'd rather have a professional look, I might use bolts as a last resort, maybe insulate it with some vynal tubing.

. Will it be just the standard PSU voltages or do you plan on making it adjustable? Sounds like it might make a good iBle - I have a bunch of PSUs that I'd like to get some use out of.

well, I don't plan on making it adjustable because I already have an adjustable power supply (goes up to 15 volts at 6 amps, and I got it free dumpster diving!)

I'm actually following other instructables, but I'm using a dell powersupply (free too!), so I don't think I'll make an instructable on it.

I'll give a quick info for people who want to convert a psu:
If atx power supply, see one of the many instructables on that topic on this site

If dell, if you short (and keep it connected) the gray wire to ground (black wire) then it turns the psu on. I use a toggle switch for that.

Otherwise just look at this site for color wires to see what voltages are what colors.