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biodiesel? Answered

does any one know where i can find instructions on converting an engine to biodiesel?


I read that bi-diesel works in any diesel engine. LasVegas mentioned using vegetable oil, which is ok, but it will clog up your engine very fast. Good Luck.

You need to remeber vegetable based diesel will also attack all rubber lines, seals, and gaskets .... So they will swell, leak or rupture and usally they wait till your 200 miles from home and it's -20 out and your just outta cell coverage .... So Change them with sythetic lines and seals, and read your owners manual it should tell you if your veichal can run BioDiesel.... But other then that it has a higher Cetane rating and better lube quilities so it'll run in your diesel and your engine will run longer before requiring a overhaul / rebuild

its not the vegitable oil that eats the seals it is the ethanol you make it with. you can distill it out and no mods are require also biodeisal is not just vegetable oil . and yes a deisal engine will run on vege oil if its not direct injection.

I have a whole series of instructables on biodiesel coming up, so watch for them! I'm not sure how to convert an engine though...

All it takes to run a diesel engine off of vegetable oil is to filter the oil if it's used and then put it through an aerator prior to going to the engine. The very first diesel engine ran off of vegetable oil. Converting a gasoline combustion engine would take quite a bit more since it's not designed to run at such low temperatures.

how do you deal with all the other nice junk in the oil like glycerne and acids ?? It's easy enough to process and titration will make waste oil better then oil based diesel, but I don't think aeration would work for long on most small diesels, Or are you powering a huge engine which normally runs on bunker oil or unrefined crude (( typically on large ships like oiltankers )) And on the Coversion from gas to diesel most even done by manufactures really suck when compared to built for diesel engine ...

Well we run our 1.9D turbo puegot 406 on bio-diesel, rapeseed oil to be honest, in winter the engine will get rough and splutter at random as the oil thicken at low temperatures, however a 10% mix of normal diesel added will keep it alive, with the forklift we never had trouble running the same fuel, then again thanks to the silt in the tank someone had cut the hose short as a lazy solution so the still thin oil got taken in by an old mechanical fuel pump with some ferocity, not speed just a rather violent pump (secretly a hydraulics pump that was a close match)

. What is the aerator for? Enhanced atomization at the injectors?


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yes its going to be in a diesel but does anybody know an alternative fuel for gasoline internal combustion engines? thanks for all the help

Alcohol, but the fuel system needs to be adjusted-slightly larger jets for a carburetor and (probably) larger amounts with a fuel injector system.

what type of alcohol like ethonal?

Ethonal works great but in most areas of the world, if your producing it fuel it must be POISIONED with methonal to make it unsafe for human consumption, and it's a tax issue not a making your car run better issue.. (( And if you have a licence to run your still they are and will check to see if it's been poisioned ))

Any of the alcohol group-race cars were (are?) run on methanol if I remember right. The Mother Earth News (an old self-reliance magazine still in print) used to have articles about making alcohol and modifying cars to use it. Some of the archives are available on-line or were not to long ago.

And remove anything Aluminum from the system if possable, alcohol will corrode it rapidly. (( Yes it can and will eat thur a aluminum line in days )) And you can get most veihcals to run on E-85 which is just 85 % ethonal and 15 % gas, you might need to adjust that to allow for starting if you live in a colder climate or add inline heaters ( ok it won't freeze at -40 but it also won't explode like gas ) And in most cases it's just minor adjustments in timing and depending on the year it might be a 9/16 th wrench and glass of water (( works way better then any timing light, just look for a bunch of rings and nice peak )) or it might be a laptop (( like GM's ALDL )) or it might be dealer time and some will do it for free if your a regular there or you might be looking at few hundred bucks ....

. To use a fuel in a gasoline engine without major modifications, it must have approx the same BTU/vol as gasoline. Methyl alcohol works; I've used it in concentrations over 70% (in gaso) with no engine mods, but there was a definite loss of power. IIRC, ethyl alcohol has a slightly lower BTU content than methanol, but is much cheaper. . As far as I know, those are the only two practical choices.

How much do you know about the differences between diesel and gas motors, and what type of gas engine are you considering trying to convert?

Your diesel(?) engine does't need to be converted, you can just run it on different fuel. If you don't have a diesel forget it, otherwise just make sure your fuel is clean. L