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bipods for rifles Answered

well, im in the planning phase of making a new air rifle, i rly want to put a bipod on it this time. i have been looking all around the interwebs, but no success on finding plans/instructions/ideas on how to make one. so my question is, dose any 1 know how to make a bipod, or dose any 1 have any ideas/info or any contributions at all? My preferences are that it be made from something easy to get my hands on. And that it has some manner of folding away. Also, 1 request, no k'nex plz :)



7 years ago

Ive found it much easyer just to make some shooting sticks that way you dont need to laydown to shoot.

Are you talking about a precision rifle bipod? I know how to make one that slides into the hand rail to support your rifle on the ground between relays.  That's all I know about anything. And I have made many haha. If not I hope you can find what you're looking for (:

Take a look at a bikes kickstand for insperaition.  A spring and some tension applied in a simular manner is what your looking for.  A good place to start since your in the planning stage.

Interesting, I never thought of that. But i am lacking in experience and that may be a bit complex for me....