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bird box camera Answered

Please can anyone help I have a bird box and would like to put a camera in is there anyway with out buying a new bird box.


There definitely was a video about this on make's youtube channel I'll see if i can find it

this shows how to setup the camera
but to physically install it on your bird house
then just nail a thin plank of wood to the side and attach the camera to that.
skip to like 4:30


9 years ago

Hi, I used one of the wireless 'spy' cams available from ebay. This was wide enough for a complete nest view (like ebay item 130251145246) The camera has infra red led's so nest will be visible in the dark without disturbing the birds
nest link

You could open it up and install the camera that way. Unless your box doesn't have a hinged opening (and most do - I built four last summer) in which case you would only have to remove a few screws or nails. This is simple, did you have to post here to be told to take it apart lol?

well what camera to give max viewing smartie pants LOL

just so you know, the best wide eyed lenses are called fish eye, and give 270 degrees of image

Well that's not the question you asked ;) I'm no expert on cameras, but I'd say any old pinhole camera would do. Google "tiny cameras" or something similar to find a decent one. It also depends on if you want audio or not, in which case you may need to mount a separate microphone somewhere.

It'll be dark inside a birdhouse. If you want still images, you'll want a flash, and that might scare out the birds. If you want video, you'll need a light. However, make sure you can turn it off at night unless you want to disturb the birds.