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bird feeder / birdbox alternatives? Answered

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for any sort of animal feeders and/or houses? I've seen such things as bat boxes at different places which provide a home for bats. Also most places seem to carry feeders for birds that are designed to keep squirrels out, but few carry feeders for the squirrels themselves. Why cant those little critters with the break-dancing tails get any love? Any other suggestions for animal houses and feeders would be cool too. Can't wait to see what yas come up with!


Thanks for the tips. I seem to have no problem with the rabbits....thems keep stealin my strawberries. But they're too cute to really try to shoo away anyways.

Some people just hate squirrels. The rest of us think they're cute until they eat all of our grapes and cherries. Last year, a fox moved in (and didn't move out--GRRRR!) and ate all of the squirrels. One of them was one that I watched grow up from a little baby squirrel. It was sad, but it was life. But after that happened, we got a massive amount of fruit! We couldn't even give it all away. So even though I never wanted to get rid of 'em, I can see why someone might want to get rid of squirrels.

That was a side note. Tangent! I can assure you that if you really want to attract and feed a fox, build a small doghouse and keep beef scraps in there. Instant fox. I fed squirrels for a while by putting birdseed in what was actually supposed to be a birdbath. We got birds and squirrels galore. If you want wascally wabbits, you can build a small shelter (open on one or two sides) and put salad in there. Lettuce, mostly. Make sure the ground underneath isn't too hard, and they might burrow there.

If you live in deer country and would like to have them around, hang a big birdfeeder-type apparatus and put diced carrots in there. Once one deer decides to come check it out, they'll all be in there. Unles your neighbor has been shooting them as they came by. I had one fella up in the mountains do that.