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bladeless multitool? Answered

im looking for a multi tool like a swiss army knife or something that has absolutley no blade whatsoever so i can bring it to school but iv'e searched and searched and couldn't find any thing. Does anybody know of any multitool with no blade


 SOG multi-tools have user serviceable implements. What this means is that with a nut-driver and a wrench you can remove and replace any blade you want and still have a very functional multi-tool. On SOG's website they have a selection of implements that you can customize your multi-tool with and they are priced reasonably, and they do not charge shipping. The two tools I recommend for what you want are either the PowerPlier or the Powerlock. The Powerlock has all locking blades and has a larger selection of blades. Amazon sells them for about $50. 

You could simply cut the blades off of an existing tool with a hacksaw. Just one problem with your scheme. Screwdrivers and other pointed tools may be banned in your school too. Check with your teacher or principal, and be prepared to explain why you want to bring it with you.

I brought a spud gun to my school once  ! 

frightened the teacher when i pulled a spraypainted die cast spud gun out ! he thought it was real

Was funny

I suppose for the multitool you could remove the blade and add a key then you'd have an excuse

Lol, darned good point there GuardianFox... May as well just ask if you can bring a pair of pliers.

No, I don't, but you could probably alter an existing multi-tool to remove the blades, using washers or some other spacer to fill the voids..