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blink182 concert Answered

ok my dad dosnt want to take me to a blink 182 concert. he said i could go but he wouldnt take me. i have no one else to go with and he said if more people on istructables voted he should take to the concert he would... so please vote on whether you think he should take me or i should just not go.


Can you go on your own? I think it'd be more fun for you. L

well I'm only 13 and they cuss like crazy and well if you've ever seen them live you know that there pretty inappropriate.

But your dad said you could go, does he mean "but I'm not taking you, so you'll have to find someone else or not go at all"? I should think he'd hate it, you'd owe him one... L

he said he would take me if, more people said he should on instructables by September 8.

I say he gets some earplugs, and you buy him a Blink T-Shirt and he finds out what these guys are like live? L

he's seen them live once when he went with his friends but that was like in 2001