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Beamless blue ray laser. Answered

I have this blue ray laser
in an aixiz housing with the proper driver and correct voltages and amps.  When I turn it on it acts like a blue flashlight. Instead of making a beam like a laser should it makes a weak glow like an Led that’s not very powerful. I tried focusing the lens and using it with no lens. I am running it at 90.5 MA the maximum MA is 100MA. What is wrong with my diode? It is a 200mw diode the ebay seller says it can burn paper and pop balloons
 It is dimmer than a dollar store laser pointer please help!


It sounds the laser diode burnt out. After it's burned out, It will shine very dimly. Also in your question, you said it was 200mw but the link stated that it is 100mw:
"It is a 200mw diode"

you should be able to adjust the beam with the axiz housing

What did the seller say when you questioned him about the laser he sold you?