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bluetooth speakers? Answered

does anyone know a way/ device i can hack/build to hook up to a speaker system to make it wireless? i have an iPhone an speakers, but i just don't know where to start, because i don't want to spend money on something i could make.
would an old cell phone work, (it has bluetooth)


For $10 on eBay you can get an A2DP bluetooth adapter with an 3.5mm plug (male or female) that will connect to a stereo or speakers and allow you to play wireless music. THIS is an example. You probably can't find the parts you need to build this your self for this cheap.

You need a bluetooth module designed to connect as a slave and output audio. The bluetooth in your old phone is designed primarily to host other devies (headsets, speakers) so its not ideal and would take a lot of hackery.

There are circuits you can get that are exactly as you describe, plug in your own speakers to a bluetooth connection. They usually cost 20-100 dollars.