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boating help! I need help finding a CHEAP dingy for fishing and recreational use. HELP!! FAST!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

I need an inflatable dingy for fishing and recreational use.  the small fishing kayack cant fit me and my friends and I'd love something motorized for longer trips out to the channel island and such.  Im thinking of buying a 10 to 5 foot boat for cheap with a motor.  where should I do this in Santa Barbara, Ventura,  LA or Camarillo.  help!!! 



5 years ago

Try a marine sales shop like WestMarine. Lots of boat ownees, need little dingys to get to/ from boat and dock. Marine stores stock a few options.

I saw a 1/2 hard shell, fold up kayak that packa like a suitcase. The hard shell of the case folds out and becomes a ridgid boat bottom, similar to a zodiac inflatable. Definitely a clumsy boat, but hard shell allowed a trolling motor attachment.

Small inflatablea are easy to buy at white water rafting stores (duckies) but typically are $1000. Probably could hunt craigslist across american cities and eventually get a used onw for $300 + $50 shipping.

If you are willing to get a non-inflatable, there are lots of folding boats that would work. They take more effort to set up, however. Big, old kelper boats would be a pretty good solution. Easy to mount motors on. I've been a membee of several kayaking clubs that always seemed to have one kleper gathering dust in the boathouse. Most clubs would give the boat away to get rid of it. (Similar to a free derelict yacht at a local marina.)

boathouse. Most clubs would give the boat away, to get rid g a free yacht at a

Build one although this may not be the cheapest option. Help

Try putting a wanted ad in the classifieds. People do read them. I do.


Or, wander around the quayside looking for one with a "for sale" sign on it.

Or get a cutlass and an eyepatch, and don't bother with the "for sale" part....