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bogged down with to many safety programs please help it is driving me crazy both pc xp and vista laptop run okay but ? Answered

I have spybot - superanti spy ware (free one) as will as ccleaner and system mechanic as well as corporate edition of symetec and revno uninstaller is this good or bad they do not seem to conflict at all. the only ones that run at the same time is system mechanic guard dog and spybot oh and systemic full time protection,would you say this is to much of an over kill I am running xp ???? on the vista laptop I have I am running much the same now on vista I keep getting this thing that logs onto the computer from iyogi no one can stop it not even the tecs at Iyogi as I stopped the service if I put it back to factory settings will this get rid of Iyogi this thing is bugging me what should I do about the vista and the xp I have it seems like it is  to many thing running any advice ?????



Best Answer 8 years ago

Keep spybot and symantec. There is no need to have spybot running in the background (disable from running at startup), it is just useful for malware removal. Keep symantec running in the background, it is useful for real-time protection. Uninstall all your other antivirus, because you have a lot of different programs that do the same thing. Then, run ccleaner to tidy things up. Be sure to defrag when you're done. You may also be interested in this web adress. http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/iyogi-c297862.html Try running spybot on the vista machine. And in future, do research on software (google it) before you download it. Watch this space, more help coming soon!


8 years ago

hey thanks a lot so other ppl have had problems with Iyogi they are dogs lol there tec's bugged me so much because they got mad because I could not understand them a wit lol, and most of what they did never got rid of any problems and I will uninstall the rest I thank you very much for your time and that complaint thing is cool sounding I will try it out and I will subscribe to you as you may see I am not good enough with computers as of yet but I like this place a lot.