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botherd by content of ads on instructables site. Answered

I have not been to instructables in a while, but now I find that you have ads all over the place.  I am fine with that, everyone needs to make a buck... The only problem is that many of them have hot chicks on them with tops hanging out.  While I am a guy and generally ok with this, I do not feel comfortable visiting the site at work or while my wife or kids are around.  Please be more tasteful when choosing which adds to allow on your site.

see attached image to see what I mean.   It looks like it is intended to look similar to porn,etc...  which is from your site.

Thanks for your time.



Is this one of those stupid Evony ads, by any chance? Hate those things. The fact that the images of the scantily-clad women have absolutely nothing to do with the game they're advertising just makes it that much more annoying.

What NachoMahma said (and *please* do the link-capture and PM to Eric!), and a bit more.

I'bles does not solicit or display its own advertisements. Rather they have a contract with several "ad servers" (including Google, among others), which are the ones who actually send the data to your browser for display.

If you have a relatively slow connection, then you can see this happening when you load (or refresh) a page. At the bottom of your Firefox (or other browser) window, it will usually messages like "Waiting for ......" or "Transferring data from ....". You'll see a bunch of different host names show up in those messages, not just "www.instructables.com". All those other names are the ad servers and data collection sites with which I'bles has contracts.

When you see an ad which is NSFW, please do capture the URL using "right-click" (you do not have to follow the link!) and send to back to Eric. He can deal with the ad servers to remind them what is, and is not, acceptable under their contract.

.  Robot tries to keep the ads G-Rated, but sometimes a racy one will slip through. IIRC, when you see an inappropriate ad, you should:
  • Get a screenshot
  • Right-click on the ad and select "Copy Link Location" (that's for Firefox, should be a similar command in other browsers).
  • Send a PM to Eric Wilhelm (see About page; link at bottom of most pages) with the copied link and the screen shot.

I don't see an attatched image. Please try uploading it again by editing the topic :) It would highly suprise me though that instructables would let half naked chicks as ads on their website. I'm pro however so I don't see any ads....