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bow string Answered

anyone know some good bow string to use on a bow?


I just reverse wrap one out of left over sinew...

D50 dacron can be had from most archery retailers.. You can make ma nice endless string from that...

"About archery this is a group about archery and other mid evil weaponry"

(And when you're done, do an Instructable on bow-string making.)

mine has nylon woven string. Strings aren't really that expensive unless you want a fast flight one

Go to this place fore all you bowstrings and accessories. (Good bowstrings are made of nylon but they are very strong and durable) The bow I have has an 80 lb. draw and the bow string has lasted me about 5 years because I take good care of it (bowstring wax) but do keep in mind that a bowstring should be replaced every 5-6 years for maximum performance and safety.bow strings

Ya the link is out of place for some random reason but just click on the link and it will take you to a online store with some good stuff.

My store bought sports bow just has a nylon string...