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box(es) for sub(s)?? How many? What size? Here's some measurements. Answered

So... Got some subs I had lying around: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_500SWE1042/Alpine-SWE-1042.html?tp=111&tab=features_and_specs
I am trying to figure out if I should vent (I don't think I should from research) and if I can do them in a single box or if it's better to put them each in a box. I also haven't found out if I should JUST double the volume for having both in one box or if it should be a different amount.
The suggested volume I've calculated is 4.1 cu ft (but that seems a bit huge).       V(as) 33 liters   |    Q(ts) 0.66    |    10 Inch
The speakers will be in series, I don't know if this affects whether or not I can put them in a single box.
How much does the shape of the box matter? Can I make a rectangular cube and put the speakers at either end or do they need to be on the same side?
When it comes to fill would it be better to use something fluffy that takes up a large amount of space like very fluffed out cotton or is carpet always the better way to go?
I cannot find how much fill I SHOULD use. I have found suggestions for just carpet on the back wall and some for all sides wherever you can and even two people suggested to fill it to about 80% (though it did not say what with).

Any questions?


i probably should have asked these individually in the community answer area, but I wanted all the info to be up front in case one thing changes another

Maybe you should call Crutchfield to see what they recommend mounting them in and what type of enclosure should be built. They are the experts in selling that to you.

i don't see any reason they would help me for fitting speakers that haven't been available for sale for probably several years which I didn't even buy from them. I'll see if they can make some suggestions anyway.

Crutchfield has been around for many years so support for old products should be part of their reputation. Doesn't hurt to ask. By the way, are you trying to trick these out for a car or for in-home use?

I was using them for a car originally but I don't plan on driving it so now I'm thinking for in-home.
Sorry about late response, I couldn't log into this account for a long time and just stopped coming here.

Alternatively look up their catalogue or other Subs that use them and check out the enclosures used by them...

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