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brainstorming a controlled temp kiln for polymer clays? Answered

I am making some highly  detailed prototypes, and Im using polymer clay for the details. I've been baking them in my kitchen oven, but it's starting to get hot with summer coming on... I want to limit the heat production in my house!

I have an old toaster oven, but it's too small for my items.

I was thinking of taking it apart, and using the heating elements and temp controls in something a little bit larger. I'm wondering what the community thinks about that?

My temperature needs to be 275° for fifteen minutes at a time. Some temp fluctuation is okay.

I'm thinking 14 inches cubed would be plenty of room for my largest pieces.  somewhere I noticed someone using cement board as an insulating wall, I was thinking a cube made of that with a hinged side.

Does anyone have other ideas for me? TTY


I'd mod the toaster oven, unless you're cooking on it !

Buy a temperature controller on Ebay - they're about 50 dollars.

Cement board is OK, but not very insulating so look for fibre board insulation. That could line the old toaster oven.


The toaster oven is too small for my work, and I will need to make a box out of something else.

The fibreboard insulation I'm seeing via google seems to be cellulose based. I think that would be pretty flammable! But I could wrap it on the outside.

I'm looking at temp controllers and there are so many kinds! LOL

You're only looking at low temperatures (135 C for those of us in the rest of the world) fibre board would work. Think of a tin box, wrapped in fibreglass insulation, inside a wooden box.

that is pretty much what I want to make.

Thing is, I would need to make it big enough for the oven AND the work, which makes it about twice as big, and also, I get a little bit obsessive over form in my function ;)

why not just use an extension cord and set it outside? Fast, easy, and the heat is controlled. Then, in the winter, you just bring it back in.

CAUTION mains electricity kills!

You need a fire proof well insulated box.

A thermostatic controller - I would buy one.

Just put the toaster oven in the bottom of the box with the door open no need to dismantle it at all. All you are doing is enlarging the heated area - as long as it is well insulated the heat will eventually build up.

Buy a working use electric oven and set it up on bricks in the middle of the garage. Plug it into a dryer outlet and bake away.