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broken dremel Answered

About a week ago my dremel stylus broke and I havn't really done anything about it. I have no warranty and it's almost a year old (christmas present). I think that it's the base that's broken, but I can't be positive, I think this because it won't charge. Does anyone know where I can get another base for less thatn 20 or 30 dollars?


Do you mean the wallwart? First try testing (with a multimeter) the contacts on the base where the dremel contacts. If you don't get a reading, cut the wires off the base, strip the wires (making sure they don't touch each other), plug the wallwart in and test the wires with a multimeter. If you still get no reading... it's probably just the wallwart (go to radioshack and buy one for about $20 and hook the wires together). If you do get a reading from both, then it may be your battery pack is dead. Look around online and you can usually find Lithium batteries of different sizes that you can replace the dead ones with (you can even find ones that hold a larger charge the the default ones which means longer run time). See here

dremel styluses don't have a walwart, I opened my base up (since I have no warranty) and inside there's a transformer and a simple circuit board. There area c couple of transistors, resistors, capacitors, and 2 IC's, I think that one of the IC's are busted, so I have to get a new ne.

?? I'd only suggest what you've already thought of.... Are they not recharge lith-ion cell in the stylus..? Could you not just get, correct voltage etc wall unit and wire it into your base..? Maybe i'm way off... Do those "walwart" unit's recharge the batt's or just run a batt unit off main's... Oh damn mental block.. I'll go check... ;)

Just buy a cheap corded one. I bought a tool shop branded one from menards for (I think $5, (maybe 3-8)) . I bought it 3 years ago and it outlasted my dad's ryobi. You can definaely get one for less than 20 -30 dollars.

I have another dremel, and it's corded and I've been making due with that, but you can't beat a dremel stylus