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broken lcd? Answered

I'm building a little teleprompter, and I remembered my family had an old "broken" portable 7" dvd player. It turns out that just the little powerbrick was broken, BUT the display seems really washed out. Like, I hooked up an old Gamecube, and if you view it at an angle, you can see the little cube dancing around and everything, but if you look at it straight on (like most people), it's just a lot of bright white. Is it broken, or is there anything i can do to fix it? The color and brightness buttons do nothing.


I think it was broken when someone dropped it on carpet while watching it with the ac adapter. There was a little spark and pop and dead.

Do you remember how the DVD player was broken? I think like caitlinsdad it's in the screen assemby, could be fixed.


"the goggles do nothing"

If the backlighting seems fine, you see the bright white, then the LCD matrix or controller may be going bad. Did the screen take a hit to shift or misalign the polarizing filter screens?