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broken led tv uses? Answered

I have a 32" Visio led with a cracked screen, way too expensive a repair to justify going through with, but I want to utilize the parts for other projects if I can. the tv was brand new so all the boards, LEDs, speakers, wires, etc... are in perfect condition and I was wondering if there is anything cool I could do with them. I was thinking about rigging the boards up to a 7" LCD screen I have and installing it in my car to add tv/DVD/audio in/hdmi/USB to my dashboard but I'm not sure how to go about connecting the 30pin LCD monitor cable to the componant screen input.  anyone have any ideas on how to do this? or anything else I could do with all my newly acquired parts? 



4 years ago

you might check on E bay for a replacement screen. The Chinese manufacturers are direct marketing replacement parts on E bay so you can bypass the middlemen. I know the replacement laptop screens are much better prices than elsewhere. It might be cheap enough to make it worth fixing.

The parts won't work with the smaller screen. I suggest you try to recover what money you can. Put the good parts on e-bay.