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broken/falling bookshelf Answered

i found this image while wandering the web and i would love to attempt to recreate it, but i have no idea how to. anyone have an ideas?


This is a cool shelf. As a librarian, I want to say that leaning books so they are not perpendicular to the shelf will, over time, warps spines. The thicker the books the worse the warp. Therefore, I suggest screwing bookends on the downside of each shelf. The bookends would be perpendicular to the tilting shelf. The books would lean against the bookend and sit perpendicular on the shelf. This would also create a more realistic illusion of falling books. In this picture the shelves look like they are falling, but the books do not because they are perpendicular to the earth.

Instead of using bookends, you could use old books, so as to not ruin the illusion.

I think you'd definitely need actual wooden shelves to do this one. I'd suggest going to Home Depot and checking out some of their already cut stuff.

Then you'd need to decide what angles you were going to hang the shelves at - you can see in the photo that the maker has cut small notches in the angled shelves so that the books can sit upright.

That would be the trickiest part, I bet, but you you could just draw the design onto the shelf front and then cut it away.

This image is from an old issue of Fine Woodworking and it is a functional bookshelf. The construction is not trivial.

This one is quite easy actually...

Get yourself three usefull ikea shelves. See how they should be mounted and if you could make some extra mountings yourself (or buy them there ofcourse)

Then when you get home cut the shelves into pieces. Now when you look closely at the picture you'll see that at both ends of each piece of shelve there is a metal piece mounted that keeps the books in place.

Cut out some metal T pieces and mount the to the bookshelves using screws then bend the metal piece so it keeps the books in place.

Then mount the shelves and you are done :)

Make an ible for it if you do it ;)


If you you look close at the picture, zoom in, you notice they are ordinary solid wood shelves, some IKEA laminate shelf blanks will not work when you cut into the compressed wood or hollow core, that are fastened to the wall but there are notches that are cut to be level to the floor. You have that staircase effect subtly cut into the wood. That way, ordinary books and a pair of normal bookend plates can be put on the shelf. You could secure the bookends in place if the books don't balance themselves naturally.