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bubble wall? Answered

hi everyone! I am not a tech .. I am just a girl who loves to create odd things and gets really excited about making cool freaky lights in my house. I would like to find an inexpensive way to build a bubble light wall.. like make it big and part of the wall itself. I have some concept of what I need to do already, but am perplexed at how to build the tank itself .. like an 1nch or so deep .. but if anyone has any good ideas for this I would really love to hear them. also... would it be better to use panels or one large tank .. or if there is anything premade that i could convert into this. Thanks =)


Glass is what you need, and some aquarium-sealant. You should be making a very thin aquarium, have a 'fish' around the internet for aquarium construction. An aquarium pump (or more) would probably do, they are fairly quiet. As Weissensteinburg indicates (whilst spelling 'fluorescent' incorrectly), higher viscosity liquid may produce a better effect. Search the internet for "bubble screen" to find some existing designs. L

Thank you so much for your help! yes I have been looking up ways to build aquariums, since I have not actually worked with it myself, I will be testing it thoroughly before actually putting it in the wall. If I was to use a fluorescent bulb for it .. do you have any suggestions on making a color changing panel for it? Thank you again for all your help!

thanks for advice =)! I figured plexi glass would prob be the easiest to work with , though I have never actually worked with it myself so I am not sure how to water seal it and create the tank itself. I have taken apart my large bubble light and it was basically a tube filled with water with a fish tank pump attached with a one way valve and a light bulb with a color plate that rotated over the top of it. the tube itself had a cap over it and you just filled it up with tap water, but since i am wanting to make this part of the wall I dunno how that will work. Also I am wanting to do this on a larger scale and the lighting will be from under neath, but i am unsure how to make a color changing plate or plates for the entire wall so that the whole thing changes color at same time .. am wondering if leds wouldn't be a better way to do that than color plates. also .. whether or not i should use multiple air pumps or one single one .. and if anyone knows of a low noise pump that can be used for such a project. thanks =)

I would make a small tank from plexiglass, and then have a pvs pip at the bottom, with holes drilled in it, each one would need a one way valve, then attach some kind of pump, or even a fan if sealed correctly. Then oil seems like it would work the best, I think water would make the bubbles merge into one big bubble. A simple flourescent light would work for up top, im not sure how to go about doing the bottom if youd have pvc there. -Hope that helps