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buckwheat hulling? Answered

is  there and ez cheap way to hull buckwheat and do it at home?

also how do buckwheat hulling machines work?  


Yes you do need to know about threshing and winnowing - The threshing with a stick or by rubbing loosens the outside shell, the winnowing allows the wind to separate the grain from the shell.

Don't be too quick to discard thousands of years of practice the world over.

Search Threashing and winnowing in a wider sense to find other ways to do it.

first of this buckwheat was combined by a combine and is of the planet so how do you do it now if it is off the planet.

when I look up buckwheat Threshing this is the kind of stuff that comes up http://goatfellfarm.com/post/59404315750/buckwheat...

not what I wan't.

this is the kind of thing wan't to no about how to make some thing like this but smaller


We grind buckwheat to put in pancakes and have to sift out the hull

but we wan't to get whole buckwheat not just flour.

from the advert you posted:

The ideal hulling result can be achieved due to the adjustable design of
the hullers, the interspace of the emery rollers can be adjusted
according the various materials.

By the looks of this they pass the wheat through some rollers covered in Emery paper - A kind of sand paper to you and me. but long lasting.

2. Screen mesh is made of premium quality cold rolled sheet, durable
service. Prevent mesh from blockage due to the bouncing ball design.

They then screen, sieve, out some of the debris, I guess any sand or emery that comes off the rollers

3. The hulling and separating machines adopts the
vibrating and negative-pressure separation machine and spiral
materials-unloader to make the shells collecting work easier and
meanwhile reduce the dust accumulation greatly during the working

They then pass the results over a vibrating table, this separates out the light and heavy materials. They apple a slight vacuum to it to reduce dust (read suck the dust out here)

4. The vibrating source of the equipment adopts vibratory motors design.
This hulling equipment features easy and quick installation .

They vibrate the table with a motor with an off centre weight on it.


Has some good hints


Several cheapish machines.


Suggests you can do it with what looks like a big coffee grinder - It may be worthwhile trying a coffee grinder. Or buy one of theirs.

It could be worth trying to see what happens if you put a little in a food processor (blender) dry - and pulse it quickly for a short time.


3 years ago

We used to hull wheat for a while, what we did was simple.

Put it between two baking trays and rub them together, when you do that it breaks the hull off the wheat and then you only have to sort the hulls from the grain to finish the process, try using the wind, a small breeze should do.

Toss the wheat into the air and the chaff/husks should blow away leaving you with wheat kernels.


3 years ago

I Know it Works !

Historically it worked 888 BC.

You should be able to make a working differential chaff separator out of Knex or a better one out of Lego.

lay down a sheet or light blanket and beat the buckwheat on it then lift the edges of the sheet and bounce it in the wind to de hull it called winnoning

it worked for thousands of years too

Sounds like a quick google search will give you the info your looking for in much better detail then we can put here.

thanks i tried that but not much I can use comes up just big factory stuff that is way to pricey not any DIY stuff