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bug zapper information? Answered

I am trying to find a high voltage transformer for a Stinger high performance UV 801 bug zapper.  Where can I look?  I am not having any luck searchingt for it under the model number or by looking for volage transformer suppliers.



5 years ago

You are lucky.....

This fly swatter is on sale for less then the batteries it takes to run it $2.99

I have three for years and never changed a battery yet.

Put a light behind it and kill all night.

They sell a solar one too.



Thanks to all that have offered input. I did find a transformer and the information you need to get one. Some smart tech ask what the wattage was and I said it is advertized as 80 watts and without hesitation said I needed a 500 watt transformer. The price was 29.95. I also need a new bulb and that cost was about 20 bucks. So the unit goes in the trash and I will purchase a new one, same as the old one, for 65 dollars. I was afraid to try to use my meeter due to the high voltage which I understand is about 20,000 volts. One miss step and the meeter is history and that cose very much exceeds the cost of the zapper. So if anyoneis going to check these things out with a meetier I would suggest a trip to Wallyword or radio shack and get a 6 doller meeter. Again thanks to all Footcluch


5 years ago

The company's web site might have the information in the way of expanded diagrams. But they probably don't sell replacement parts. Since those have such high voltage I think most manufacturers don't want to take a chance of a home user trying to fix one. You know lawyers were involved somewhere.
Since those units are compact you would need to get the right size and configuration of a replacement if you want to keep the origional configuration. You probably will need the exact part number off the transformer. And then its going to be pretty hard to find it marketed anywhere.

Just a thought, if you can find where its manufactured (assembled) and can contact that place they might be able to send you one. Unless its an obsolete model they probably pallets of the things.

I went to a farm auction this spring and ended up buying a pallet of stuff that included 7 zappers of varying sizes. One is huge and actually works. (three did not work anymore as the transformers were burnt out) It makes piles of bug parts. I got the whole pallet of stuff for $40 bucks. So rather than trying to fix yours you might look into some other sources of buying used ones.

Easiest way to find out would be to use a multimeter. Else I'd suggest taking it apart, which might mean you won't be able to put it back again. Depening on what you see there you might figure out how it works.