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build a 3d printer with a standard stepper motor controller? Answered

Hey Im thinking about building a 3d printer, so I'm looking at the (endless) possibilities out there.

Can I build one with a standard (4 or 5 axis) stepper motor controller (like the ones on ebay)??

instead of using an arduino (I saw on the internet that that's what they use on RepRap)

(and since I'm building a 3d printer/ CNC I think it would be more convenient for me to use stepper motor controllers for "both" the machines, and besides that it appears to be simpler since I know nothing about arduino :( )

I was thinking I maybe could use a controller with 4 or 5 stepper motor outputs and then use 1,2 and 3 for the axis and then use the other one to "tell" the machine how much material it should "spit out"

any advice?? or any other ideas for a SIMPLE 3d printing curcuit?? 



Best Answer 5 years ago

As you say, there are a million variants out there;

and each has a million problems -- that they had to solve for that variant.

Yes you can roll your own solution, but you'll be repeating what everyone has already done. Unless you are a hardware and software engineer - you'll need to be in order to get the current gen 3d printing software working with your board -- just go with a known solution. Somewhat inexpensive and widely supported is the RAMPS board. Yes its arduino, but its plug and play.

Ok it makes sence! thanks.. I kepte reading and it looks like I'm going with the Ramps, it looks like it's plug and play (like you say) and it is fairly cheap too. thanks!

Yes, you could easily drive one from a standard PC.