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build a switch that will automatically switch back and forth between an mp3 player and a cellphone. Answered

I'm not looking for detailed schematics (though that would be nice) but a general idea as to how to go about it.  I was thinking transistors as switch but I would have to self educate as my experience with electronic schematics and design is virtually nil.   Any help is appreciated.



8 years ago

If I understand you, you are looking for something that will mute the mp3 player when the cellphone is in use. Do you want to just kill the sound from the mp3 player or switch the sound coming from the speakers from mp3 to cell phone? And then do the opposite when you hang up.


Answer 8 years ago

Just mute the mp3 player. I'll be using a stereo headset in conjunction with the switch so I can listen to my mp3 player and have it mute when a call comes in.