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build an italian icy cart? Answered

I'm interested in selling italian iceys but don't have the money to purchase one, not even a used cart comes in cheap. I'm kind of crafty so my wife suggested build one and we don't need refrigeration so a simple one will do. I know i can have loew's cut my pieces but what about the stainless steal inside and out, how do tackle that?



You could but a flat cart at home depot or lowes, with good sized wheels, and like flollard says, repurpose and old cooler. I've also seen something of that sort with two water coolers in it where they put the 3 gallon tubs and the water coolers help insulate (the are rounded, and the tub fits right inside). Or, you could visit www.TurnKeyParlor.com and buy a real well built, stainless steel cart for $1340 with shipping included. Thanks, Neil 877-817-5716

Do you mean a cart for selling ice cream? Just make it, sketch it and put it together. Wham bam thank you maam! Use duct tape and rubbermaid containers, fill one with ice 1/3 full, then put a second rubbermaid container in with your ice cream containers inside that. Stick on some wheels and away you go!

You could use a big plastic bucket / tub for the inside, and expanded-polystyrene for insulation. L

You could get away with galvanized steel (sheet metal) painted - for the outside. The you could repurpose an old cooler, a fridge, etc. Remember to keep it lightweight if you have a lot of moving and shaking to do.