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building a small VAWT to charge 12v battery, which motor to use? PM 3791 12v 96 or 60 hz 115v PH1 1,1 anp 1.5 hp? Answered

I took apart an old air conditioner for the turbine blades and the second motor is from the air conditioner. The DC motor is from a salvage shop, I don't know any more about it except it was made in Canada. I am a long time out of school and not very handy so please don't suggest I wire my own alternator/generator. I know I am ignorant, but I hope you will keep answering my questions until I build the dang thing. Thanks John S.


post pictures! does the motor from the shop have magnets in it?

yes it does, we checked by passing a compass across it.

it should have two leads, a negative and a positive, spin the motor and see if you can get any power from the motor

thanks, I'll do that and if I can find where my wife hid the digital camera (she doesn't understand it) I'll post pictures. My thinking on building the vawt has evolved in the last couple of weeks, I have the tower ready to go together outside when ever it stops snowing (another blizzard coming for April 1st.) I am going to mount the blades on a rooftop vent turbine now and am wondering if a dc electric motor produces dc current while an ac motor produces ac current? I guess I saw too much youtube on wind power and got confused.

AC motors produce higher efficiency power, only if they are spun at a constant speed, when there's no wind there's no power. - they are more efficient then DC because you don't have to convert DC to AC. DC ones are better, because you can use them to charge a battery, and you don't need a magnetic field for the motor to produce power. Less efficient because you need to Convert DC to AC. my advice, use the DC generator. Get some really nice blades for it. Then get a battery, an inverter, and a charger suited to the task