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building a tesla coil Answered

is there any way to build a tesla coil?


or if you wait another couple weeks, im working on a solid state tesla coil. im still gathering parts though.

Yes there is but first you will need:A high voltage transformer,High voltage high rated capacitor,Spark Gap,Primary,and Secondary Coil.


10 years ago


Some of the chaps take the lazy way out and want everyone else to do the work for them without trying some simple logical ways first. There is a search box at the top of this page which would have given him some of the links you gave. Would it not have been better if he had done that first. "Tesla Coil Plans" in a Google search box would have given him more hits than he could possibly use. Quit asking for hand outs and learn to use the tools available and you'll be better off in the long run. Flames start here:

Maybe he was looking for advice, and didn't know where to look. Maybe he realized that this was something that wasn't on the site and there should be. Or maybe he realized that this type of question is exactly what the Instructable Forums are for. Instead he has someone calling him lazy for asking a simple question. And no one is going to flame a person for asking a question. Or at least someone who isn't rude and thoughtless. Try asking questions, you may find them useful.