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bullhorn, riser, drop, or mustache bars? Answered

cant decide what bars to put on my fixed gear, bullhorn, riser, drop, or mustache i just can't decide, any ideas?



7 years ago

I'd look at the frame size and your intended use for it. If it's quite a big frame for you and/or you intend on doing a lot of high-speed riding, go for drops. If it's more for city riding, flattish risers are probably better. What I think you mean by "mustache" bars are for casual cruising because of the upright position. If you want to use these, make sure your stem is long enough for them so they end up at a sensible height.

I don't see the point of bullhorn bars other than for hipster cred- if you want the forward parts, get some drops and tilt them backwards slightly or put bar ends on your flat bars.

the choice is obvious;drops but a little more to the front to make it comfortable

I finished the bike and it has risers on it, im not to fond of them so i think i'm going to pick up some bullhorns.

"...any ideas?"

i think im going to go with bullhorns, i find the the most comfortable over all of them.