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burn capacitor on rc motor Answered

burn capacitor on my motor and i can't read the code or number on it. what will be the best capacitor to buy or to put on it?



This should help:


Well, first thing: describe it. Is it electrolytic or is it a ceramic disc capacitor?
Second: About how big was the capacitor?
Third: What was the color?

Do you actually even need it to run the rc car? If you just want to guess and try one, I would advise a ceramic disc capacitor, nothing really really small, but nothing incredibly large either (They don't have much capacitance anyway). Just solder it in place on the old one. If it is a ceramic disc, you can probably come close to matching just by size. Not very close, but close enough if the capacitor is just across the motor. (I'm guessing thats where it is by your description) Posting a picture would help.

Hope it helps!

What do you mean by "burn capacitor", and what is wrong with the one you already have?