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burn out light in flickering LED without killing flicker chip Answered

Hi.  I want to use a flickering LED (like the kind you'll find in dollar store candles) to make a different LED flicker (because I don't want yellow and can't find any other colors).  Should be fairly simple.  However, I don't want to use up my battery powering the yellow light.  So my question is, does anybody have ideas on how to fry the light without killing the flicker-chip along with it?


I don't understand your request - are you wanting to replace the LED, or the battery?

You know those LEDs that have chips inside that make them flicker? I can only find them in yellow. I want a blue one. So I want to use the flicker-chip from the yellow to make a regular blue LED flicker. I could just hook them up, paint the yellow light black, and be done. But then my battery is powering both lights and therefore dying twice as fast. So I want to kill the yellow light without killing the chip that's built in with it.

Make sense?

Ah, yes, that does.

My first thought it that you try filing off the top of the LED until you expose the tops and sides of the electrodes inside, but not so far as to reach the chip (which, if I recall correctly, is a visible speck inside the casing). You can then connect your new LED to the exposed contacts.

I think...